Cosmos Crosschain

What is ATOM token used for?

How ATOM is used in Cosmos, an ecosystem of apps and an Inter-Blockchain Communications protocol.

ATOM token is

The Native token of the Cosmos network.

ATOM token is used for

  • Staking and securing the networks Proof of Stake consensus.
  • Staking to vote in governance
  • Delegating to validate

How could value accrue to the ATOM token?

Locking tokens

  • Consensus
  • Governance
  • Delegate to earn rewards


  • Transaction fees for using the network

What is Cosmos Network?

Cosmos is an ecosystem of apps and an Inter-Blockchain Communications protocol.

How Cosmos works

Built on Tendermint BFT consensus of the most efficient Proof of stake implementations.

Cosmos SDK

The goal of the Cosmos SDK is to allow developers to easily create custom blockchains from scratch that can natively interoperate with other blockchains.


Network fees and inflation is transferred to validators and delegators.


Any ATOM holder can participate in consensus by delegating to validators and earn 90% of the rewards. Validators take 10% of the delegation.

APY: 9.8%

Token Isssuance

Current supply: 238,526,146 tokens

Inflation: 7%

  • 5% – Donors
  • 10% – Interchain foundation
  • 10% – Tendermint
  • 75% Private and public sales


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