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What is BOND token used for?

How the BOND token is used in BarnBridge DAO. BarnBridge is a protocol for tokenizing risk in DeFi and makes users able to hedge volatility.

BOND token

Is the governance token for BarnBridge DAO (Q1 2021).

What is BOND token used for?

  • Only yield farming until the BarnBridgeDAO is launched.


  • It will be used for governance.
  • Staking to receive governance token vBOND. 1 year for 2x rewards.

How could value accrue to BOND token?

Most governance tokens have a potential of future cash flows from fees implemented in the protocol.

Potential Value generation

  • Fees

How BarnBridge works

BarnBridge is a protocol for tokenizing risk. BarnBridge accesses debt pools on DeFi protocols, and transforms single pools into multiple assets with varying risk/return characteristics. Making users able to hedge yield sensitivity and price volatility.

More here.


  • LaunchDAO is an Aragon DAO made up of the team and investors to launch the protocol.

BarnBridge DAO

  • LaunchDAO will create the BarnBridgeDAO that’s governed by the tokenholders.

Governance proposals

  • To create a proposal you will need 1% of the BOND staked in Barn (DAO Staking smart contract).
  • The minimum quorum is 40% of staked BOND. The minimum acceptance is 60% of the votes.

Token issuance

10,000,000 BOND tokens distributed over 2 years.

Week 1:

  • Farming: 32,000
  • Team: 22,000
  • Total: 54,000

Weeks 2 through 4:

  • Farming: 32,000
  • LP: 20,000
  • Team: 22,000
  • Total: 74,000

Week 5 and on:

  • Farming: 32,000
  • LP: 20,000
  • BOND Pool: 5,000
  • Team: 22,000
  • Total: 79,000

Token Distribution

  • 12.50% Core Team
  • 10.00% DAO Treasury
  • 7.50% Investors
  • 2.00% Advisors
  • 68.00% Community

Community breakdown

  1. 8.00% to Yield Farming
  2. 20.00% to Uniswap LP Rewards
  3. 4.80% to Staking Rewards
  4. 17.50% to Var Pool Incentives
  5. 17.70% to Community Reserve

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