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Cardano Ethereum

What is the CARDS token used for?

How Cardstarter uses the CARDS token. Cardstarter is a launchpad for Cardano projects. Currently running on Ethereum.

CARDS token is

The CARDS token is the utility token of Cardstarter.

CARDS token is used for

  • Staking to be eligible to invest in IDOs.
  • Tiers on the platform

How could value accrue to the CARDS token?


  • Users need to token to be able to buy IDOs.

What is Cardstarter?

Cardstarter is a launchpad for Cardano projects. Currently running on Ethereum.

How Cardstarter works

Projects launch a pool on the platform. Users participate by staking CARDS tokens. And performing KYC (in some cases). Eligible participants are selected through a lottery.


  • 100 for Singles tier – 10% lottery odds
  • 500 for Deuces tier – 25% lottery odds
  • 1000 for Trips tier – 50% lottery odds
  • 1500 for Jacks tier – Guaranteed allocation – 2x pool weight
  • 4500 for Queens tier – Guaranteed allocation – 6x pool weight
  • 9000 for Kings tier – Guaranteed allocation – 12x pool weight
  • 16000 for King of Clubs tier – Guaranteed allocation – 22x pool weight
  • 20000 for King of Clubs tier – Guaranteed allocation – 28x pool weight
  • Partners – Jokers tier – Separate pool


Every project contributes to the insurance treasury to be used in case of project failure.

Token Vouchers

Cardstarter provides ERC-20 token vouchers for projects. To be exchanged 1:1 on Cardano mainnet when ready.


For the upcoming Cardswap platform users can now liquidity mine CSWAP tokens. By providing liquidity to any of the pools.

CARDS token Isssuance

Total supply: 10 000 000

  • 20% – Private sale
  • 30% – Public sale
  • 15% – Liquidity
  • 7% – Ecosystem
  • 8% – Partnerships
  • 20% – Team
  • 2% – Advisors


Similar projects

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  • POLS
  • OCC
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CARDS token price

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