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What is the DFYN token used for?

How Dfyn Network AMM uses DFYN token. Dfyn Network is a cross-chain decentralized exchange with different features.

DFYN token is

DFYN is the utility and governance token of Dfyn Network.

DFYN token is used for

  • Revenue sharing
  • Governance

How could value accrue to the token?


  • 0.05% of trading fees used for buybacks

What is Dfyn Network?

Dfyn is a cross-chain decentralized exchange.

How Dfyn Network works

Dfyn AMM is currently deployed and Ethereum and Polygon.

  • Dfyn consists of nodes on different chains.
  • Pararouters on each chain
  • And the central router

In case of cross-chain asset transfers, the ParaRouter is able to lock a stablecoin and broadcast an event that can be picked up by the listener associated with Central Route to take action.

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Revenue sharing

  • Dfyn AMM has a 0.3% fee on trades. 0.25% is distributed to liquidity providers and 0.05% is used for buybacks and gas subsidies. Unlike for example SUSHI where 0.05% goes to token holders through staking.

Gas fees

With Biconomy and meta-transactions all transactions remain almost gasless on Polygon.


  • Voting features are not yet finalized.


Will provide a gateway to layer-2 where projects can launch their tokens to any L2 through Dfyn.

DFYN token Isssuance

Total supply: 250 000 000

  • 30% – Reward Pool for farming
  • 17.45% Ecosystem Fund – vesting for a period of 1.5 years
  • 15% – Partners & Advisors
  • 2.25% – NFT Airdrops
  • 4.00% – Liquidity Provision Fund
  • 15.00% -Team
  • 7.50% – Seed
  • 7.50% – Private Sale
  • 1.30% – Public Sale

IDO price: $0.094

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