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What is the DHT token used for?

What dHedge DAO uses the DHT token for. dHedge DAO is a peer-to-peer asset management protocol on Ethereum.

DHT token is

DHT is the governance token for dHedge DAO.

DHT token is used for

How could value accrue to DHT token?

Governance tokens offer possibility off current and future cash flows to tokenholders.


  • 10% administration fee on the platform (subject to change through governance)

The admin fee as well as direct investments from the DAO are collected in a smart contract.

What is dHedge DAO?

dHedge DAO is a peer-to-peer asset management protocol on Ethereum.

How dHedge DAO works

dHedge DAO is built on the Synthetix protocol.

  • Any user can create an investment fund on the protocol.
  • Choose fee structure
  • Describe investment philosophy and assets.
  • Any other user can then invest in the fund.
  • The user still retains ownership of their funds in their Ethereum wallet.

Synthetic asset pools

  • The investor is issued a pool token.
  • The pool token is how an investor is able to redeem funds from the smart contracts.
  • Only the pool token holder has access to the funds in the smart contract associated with that user’s funds.
  • Fees for managers are collected on pool tokens, his/hers overall ownership of the pool will increase over time.

Here are the synthetic assets that funds can hold.

Users can earn DHT by

  • Providing liquidity to DHT/USDC on Uniswap.
  • Staking the LP-tokens in dHedge.

Token issuance


1 – 3 year vesting.

  • 50% DAO
  • 20% Team
  • 3.75% Exchange partner
  • 5.52% Strategic round
  • 13.01% Seed
  • 7.72% Mesa auction


  • DHT price seed round: $0.08
  • DHT price strategic round: $0.25
  • Mesa auction minimum price: $0.25

More here.

Performance mining

During 3 months starting from December 2020 users can earn DHT by investing in pools that perform well.

  • 50 000 DHT to early users
  • 450 000 Investors

More info on this here.


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