What is the DINGER token used for?

How the DINGER token is used. The project is a memetoken based around Elon Musk’s cat, called Schrödinger.

What is DINGER token?

DINGER is the memetoken of the Schrodingertoken project.

What is the DINGER token used for?

  • Holding / Nothing

What is Schrodingertoken?

DINGER is a memetoken like SAFEMOON. The project is based around Elon Musk’s cat, called Schrodinger. It’s fair-launched and aims to be the community token for cat lovers.

How does Schrodinger work?

The project features a 1% redistribution. Similar to other memetokens it taxes transactions and sends to holders.

The project is looking to develop:

  • Catapult – Launchpad for NFTs and memes.
  • Catversity – A place to learn about investing in crypto.
  • iCAT – An educational platform for gaming.

DINGER Tokenomics

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000


  • 3,5% Marketing
  • 3,5% Development
  • 1% Redistribution


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