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What is the OPUL token used for?

What is OPUL token?

OPUL is the payment token of Opulous Music Platform.

What is OPUL token used for?

  • Transaction fees

What is Opulous?

Opulous is the first blockchain platform for copyright-backed NFTs of music. It features minting, selling, royalties and even loans backed by future royalties.

How does Opulous work?

The NFTs of Opulous will be minted on Ethereum for liquidity and users. Opulous will collect and distribute royalties earned through Spotify and Apple Music to holders of the NFTs.

Musicians mint and sell NFTs of their songs on the NFT exchange.

  • The owner of the NFT and the musician earns royalties from song.


The DeFi smart contracts of Opulous are being built on Algorand blockchain.

  • Fans and investors can stake crypto and NFTs.
  • Musicians can borrow against the future earning potential of these staked assets.


The platform features an NFT launchpad for upcoming musicians and for users to invest in them.


Opulous will release a decentralized exchange where users can trade NFTs.

OPUL tokenomics

Total supply: 500 000 000


  • 10% – Seed sale
  • 4.4% – Strategic sale
  • 9.6% – Private sale
  • 1.4% – Private sale 2
  • 3.6 % – Seed sho
  • 0.8 % – Seed sho 2
  • 12.5% – Team
  • 5% – Advisors
  • 17.5% – Liquidity
  • 17.5% – Ecosystem
  • 17.5% – Foundation reserve

Sale prices

  • Seed: $0.03
  • Strategic: $0.05
  • Private: $0.05
  • Private 2: $0.05
  • Seed Sho: $0.05
  • Seed Sho 2: $0.05


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What is the PUSSY token used for?

What is PUSSY token?

PUSSY is the memetoken of the Pussy Financial project.

What is the PUSSY token used for?

  • Holding / Nothing

What is Pussy Financial?

Pussy Financial is memetoken project which features gaming dapps and a farming platform.

How does Pussy Financial work?

It’s a community project based around cats and the ticker PUSSY.


The community has created a couple of arcade games around the project.

  • Super pussy bros
  • Flappy pussy
  • Pussy Financial attack

Farming platform v2

A new farming platform is to be released in November 2021.

  • Rewards: 2B tokens
  • Type: Locked LP tokens


The project aims to transition into a DAO where the token can be used for governance. The details around this are still being worked out.

PUSSY Tokenomics

Total supply: 420 000 000 000

Burned supply: 201.6B

Circulating supply: 218.4B

Listing price: 0.00000000119 ETH


  • ?


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What is the DINGER token used for?

What is DINGER token?

DINGER is the memetoken of the Schrodingertoken project.

What is the DINGER token used for?

  • Holding / Nothing

What is Schrodingertoken?

DINGER is a memetoken like SAFEMOON. The project is based around Elon Musk’s cat, called Schrodinger. It’s fair-launched and aims to be the community token for cat lovers.

How does Schrodinger work?

The project features a 1% redistribution. Similar to other memetokens it taxes transactions and sends to holders.

The project is looking to develop:

  • Catapult – Launchpad for NFTs and memes.
  • Catversity – A place to learn about investing in crypto.
  • iCAT – An educational platform for gaming.

DINGER Tokenomics

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000


  • 3,5% Marketing
  • 3,5% Development
  • 1% Redistribution


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What is SHIB token used for?

What is SHIB token?

SHIB is a memetoken of the Shiba Inu community.

What is the SHIB token used for?

  • Holding / Nothing

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a memecoin like DOGE but is creating an ecosystem around the community with a DEX, 2 secondary tokens and NFT incubator.

How does Shiba Inu work?

Shiba Inu features SHIB, LEASH and BONE tokens.

SHIB: Meme/community token

LEASH: Farming rewards on Shibaswap. 107,646 tokens in total.

BONE: Governance token of Shiba Inu to to on proposals in upcoming DoggyDAO.

All tokens are available for staking and farming rewards on Shibaswap.

SHIB Tokenomics

Total supply: 999,992,829,724,120


  • 50% Liquidity locked in Uniswap
  • 50% Sent to Vitalik Buterin (10% donated, 40% burned)


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What is the XRT token used for?

What is XRT Token?

XRT Is the native token of Robonomics network.

What is XRT token used for?

  • Fees for usage of the network

What is Robonomics network?

Robonomics is a platform on Ethereum and Polkadot for IoT and robotics economies and services over IPFS.

How does Robonomics work?

Users connect devices on the Parachain and over IPFS.
XRT holders on Ethereum can bridge to the parachain to use the network.

Robonomics features two tokens.

  • XRT – Fees for transactions
  • RWS – Subscription for transactions on the network.

RWS (Robonomics Web Services)

Robonomics Webs services brings services and applications on to of the connected devices in the network.

100 tokens distributed in total.

  • Messaging over a p2p network.
  • Put data in IPFS and store hashes on the blockchain.
  • Launch or stop IoT devices using decentralized computing

A holder of 1 RWS can send 1 tx/s as long as they hold the token. When they no longer need it they can unstake and sell it.

Tokenomics XRT token

Total supply: 10 000 000


  • ?


1 XRT = $1

Parachain crowdloan

The Robonomics parachain crowdloan for Kusama is ongoing in October 2021.

Rewards if parachain auction is successful:

  • 50% of your XRT Rewards in the 1st month
  • Initial APY ~100%
  • Normal APY ~10%

Read more about staking.


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What is the OHM token used for?

What is OHM token?

OHM is the algorithmic reserve currency of OlympusDAO.

What is OHM token used for?

  • Sell for stablecoins as bond
  • Stake for yield

What is OlympusDAO?

OlympusDAO is a protocol for an algorithmic reserve currency backed by other assets in a treasury. All controlled by a DAO.

How does Olympus work

OHM is backed by assets in the Olympus treasury (DAI and other assets).

  • When the price of OHM drops below the value of the assets the protocol buys back OHM and burns it.
  • Inversely when the price of OHM goes above the value of the treasury the protocol mints more OHM and increases the total supply.

Treasury: Backs the OHM price.

Stake: Token holders can stake their OHM for sOHM to earn high APY (currently 8000%). sOHM is tradeable and can be used in other DeFi protocols.

Bond: Buy OHM with assets at a discount to the current market price of OHM. Bonds are vested.

Stakers of Sushiswap LP-tokens can also earn rewards in OHM.

Read more about the game theory here.

Tokenomics OHM token

Total supply: No cap on supply

Current supply: 3,987,278.725727017


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What is the DYDX token used for?

The DYDX token

DYDX is the governance and utility token of the dydx margin trading DEX.

DYDX token is used for

  • Trading fee discounts
  • Governance
  • Safety pool
  • Liquidity mining

How could value accrue to DYDX token?

All governance tokens has the potential to introduce fees that return value to token holders.


Reduced fees in different brackets.

  • 100 – 5,000,000 Tokens
  • 3% – 50% discounts

What is dYdX?

dYdX is a decentralized margin trading exchange on Ethereum. Users can long and short assets on-chain with leverage. It’s currently being deployed on Layer-2 with StarkWare.

The token has been launched to decentralize the protocol and give the community control over governance.


dYdX governance is based on the Aave contracts. The protocol also has a similar layout with the safety module as backstop.

Tokens provide

  • Proposing power – need to create proposals
  • Voting power – needed to vote on proposals

Users can stake tokens for themselves or delegate to other users.

Safety module

25 000 000 tokens will be used for the safety module.

Used to prevent

  • Insolvency during unprofitable liquidations
  • Smart contract hacks
  • Other events that result in a shortfall deemed by governance

dYdX Tokenomics

Total supply: 1 000 000 000


  • 50% – Community
  • 27.73% – Past investors
  • 15.27% – Founders, employees
  • 7% – Future employees and consultants

Vesting for investors – 18 – 48 months.

After 5 years governance can introduce up to 2% inflation to sustain the protocol.


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What is the GHST token used for?

The GHST token

GHST is the governance and utility token of Aavegotchi ecosystem.

GHST token is used for

  • Purchase wearables
  • Purchase portals to summon Aavegotchis
  • Realm parcels
  • Staking for FRENS

How could value accrue to GHST token?


  • Staking for rewards


  • Burn – 33%
  • DAO – 10%

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a play-to-earn game and metaverse currently on Polygon. It is powered by the Aave DeFi protocol.

  • Users purchase portals to breed Aavegotchis.
  • Users purchase and create wearables for their Aavegotchis.

All transactions are paid with GHST.


Revenue from portals and wearables goes to:

  • 40% – Play to earn. Most XP, Rarest Aavegotchis, Scores.
  • 33% – Burn
  • 10% – DAO
  • 17% – Development

To summon an Aavegotchi from a portal users need to stake between 10 – 1000 DAI worth of aTokens (or maTokens on Polygon.

This provides a floor price and intrinsic value.


GHST can be staked to earn non-transferable FRENS tokens. These can only be earned by staking.

FRENS is used for

  • Raffles for wearables and realm parcels.


Tokenholders is able to vote on proposals in the DAO.

GHST Tokenomics

Total supply: 53,626,478


  • 500 000 tokens – Private sale
  • 500 000 tokens – Presale
  • 1 000 000 tokens – Ecosystem
  • 1 000 000 tokens – Team fund
  • All other tokens – bonding curve

GHST token sale price

  • Private sale: $0.05
  • Pre sale: $0.1
  • Bonding curve: $0.2


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What the ALICE token is used for?

The ALICE token

ALICE is the governance and utility token of the My Neighbor Alice game.

ALICE token is used for

  • Purchase in-game assets
  • Purchase LAND
  • Earn rewards from events
  • Staking to earn yield (ALICE tokens)
  • Governance

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My neighbor Alice is a multiplayer online blockchain game. Where any user can build and own virtual islands. It features an NFT marketplace where assets can be bought and sold.

The game will be featured on Steam as a free-to-play game.

The token is used to make any transaction within the game.

The token will be available on the Chromia blockchain as well as Ethereum. Chromia is a high speed proof-of stake blockchain made for games. There will be a bridge to move the token between both chains.


  • Users can rent NFTs (like LAND) to other players with the smart contract.
  • The token distribution will reward early stakers of the token.
  • When an NFT is bought a percentage is locked in an account associated with the NFT. The owner can sell the NFT back to the platform and redeem the locked collateral at anytime. This provides a floor price for the asset.


The decentralized governance of ALICE decide over revenues from asset sales, project development and token buy back-schemes.

ALICE Tokenomics

Total supply: 100 000 000


  • 21% – Token Sale
  • 15% – Team / Advisor
  • 15% – Community / Marketing
  • 8% – Play to earn
  • 20% – Reserve
  • 16% – Ecosystem
  • 5% – User Incentive


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What is the SAND token used for?

The SAND token

SAND is the utility token of The Sandbox Metaverse.

SAND token is used for

  • Buy LAND in the metaverse
  • Buy assets/items
  • Liquidity mining

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a platform for creating games and assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create their games and assets without writing code.

In the Sandbox Metaverse users can earn through:

  • Play to earn
  • Create assets and market them
  • Create experiences or games and monetize 

Together with ENJIN and others the Sandbox are introducing ERC-1155 tokens on the platform. These are used to have more flexibility than normal NFTs, for example creating a collection of a single NFT. 

The platform can offer metatransactions where a user can initiate a transaction of a SAND token and the gas is paid by the platform.


  • Buys of LAND
  • Premium NFTs
  • Subscriptions
  • Marketsplace transactions

Fees on the platform are distributed to the company and to the community as rewards.


The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of 166,464 LAND. Which are bought and owned by users to create games and host experiences for a community.

LAND is also used for governance within the Metaverse.


Assets on top of users’ LAND are created as NFTs. Assets can be bought and sold on the marketplace using SAND.


SAND Tokenomics

Total supply: 3 000 000 000


Token sale

Price: $0.008333

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