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What is the INST token used for?

INST token

INST is the governance token of Instadapp.

INST token is used for

How could value accrue to the token?


Many protocols have the potential to distribute fees to the tokenholders in some way.


  • Staking and delegating for governance

What is Instadapp?

Instadapp is an aggregator of DeFi for developers and users. The protocol connects and makes it simple to interact with the big DeFi protocol through one interface.

How the platform works?

You connect your wallet in the interface and can manage trades and lending positions in protocols like:

It’s currently upgrading to DSL (DeFi Smart Layer) smart contracts to offer more features, some not currently possible in DeFi.

  • L2 composability
  • Taking a flashloan in any token from another user’s account.
  • Protocol non-specific DeFi positions.
  • Give authority to other accounts
  • Automate DeFi strategies by giving limited authority to other accounts


The initial parameters:

  • 1% supply to submit a proposal.
  • 4% for quorum.
  • ~3 day voting
  • ~2 day timelock delay

Currently available on Ethereum and Polygon.

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 100 000 000 tokens


  • 55% – Community
  • 23.79% – Team
  • 12.07% – Investors
  • 7.85% – Future team members and ecosystem partnership
  • 1.27% – Advisors


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What is the WOO token used for?

The WOO token is

WOO is the utility and governance token of the Wootrade Network platform.

WOO token is used for

  • Staking to lower fees for API users (all other no fee).
  • Governance of parts of the platform.
  • Large holders earn more WOO for every trade.

How could value accrue to the token?


  • Holding / staking for discounts and perks.
  • Staking for voting


  • WOO is bought and burned with a portion of the revenue from the platform.

What is Wootrade Network?

Wootrade is a crypto exchange that bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

It aggregates liquidity from CeFi, DeFi and institutional sources making Wootrade able to provide lower fees than traditional DEXes.

  • Wootrade provides zero-fees and deep liquidity for both spot and futures markets.
  • A familiar trading interface.

Wootrade has partnered with 1inch to provide WooFi.


Max supply: 3 Billion tokens


  • 50% – Ecosystem
  • 20% – Team
  • 20% – Investors
  • 5% – Advisors
  • 5% – Liquidity Management


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What is the RGT token used for?

RGT token is

RGT is the governance token of the Rari Capital platform.

RGT token is used for

  • Governance
  • Yield farm (during launch)

How could value accrue to the RGT token?


  • Fees to token holders set by governance
  • Treasury.

What is Rari Capital?

Rari Capital is a yield aggregator that optimizes and simplifies earning yield for users.

How Rari Capital works

Rari optimizes yield by swapping through 0x and by lending and farming across protocols like:

Rari is hoping to be the liquidity base-layer of DeFi and expanding across chains when needed.
The protocol provides different pools at different levels of risk.

A DAO will be created for Rari to decentralize the protocol, currently governed by developer multisig. Every part of Rari will be controlled by governance.

Users can

  • Submit proposals
  • Vote
  • Delegate votes.

Token Isssuance

Current supply: 10 000 000 tokens


  • 87,5% – Yield farm
  • 12,5% – Team

No token sale.


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What is the BADGER token used for?

BADGER token is

BADGER is the governance token of BadgerDAO.

BADGER token is used for

  • Governance
  • Yield Farming

How could value accrue to BADGER token?


Fees from the protocol could be voted to more directly be awarded to token holders.

What is BadgerDAO?

BadgerDAO is focused on bringing Bitcoin to DeFi on different chains. Currently using RenVM to bridge to Ethereum.

How BadgerDAO works

BadgerDAO is a yield aggregator focused on wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum and other chains. In BadgerDAO users can bridge their BTC, deposit in vaults and earn interest.


DIGG is a rebasing currency pegged to BTC.

Sett fees

These fees apply on all Setts on all chains except if noted in the exceptions.

  • 0.5% Withdrawal
  • 20% Performance (50% to strategists)

Sent to Treasury. Governance decides use of funds.


Uses an Aragon DAO.

  • Sett vaults
  • Treasury
  • Operations

Token issuance

Total supply: 21 000 000

  • 10% airdrop (governance participants etc)
  • 10% founders (1 year vest)
  • 80% Emissions, community



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What is the ALPHA token used for?

ALPHA token

The ALPHA token is the governance token of Alpha Finance ecosystem.

ALPHA is used for

  • Governance (currently on snapshot on BSC or ETH).
  • Yield farm

Possible future use-cases

  • Staking for product fees
  • Tokenholders get more functionalities in Alpha products
  • Stake for interoperability features among Alpha products

How could value accrue to ALPHA?

Governance tokens usually offer potential cash flows. Alpha could implement fees and current and future products.

What is Alpha Homora?

It’s a multichain DeFi platform for lending and leveraged yield farming. Partnered with the larger ecosystem.

How Alpha Homora works

Alpha Homora consists of lenders, yield farmers, liquidators and bounty hunters:

  • Lenders receive interest-bearing, tradable ibETH in exchange for ETH.
  • Yield farmers borrow from the Alpha Homora Bank to farm UniSwap liquidity pools at a leveraged position of up to 2.5x.
  • Liquidators liquidate the positions of yield farmers if they fall below 80% solvency on Uniswap or 60% on IndexCoop. For this, they earn 5% of the final value.
  • Bounty hunters can sell all farmed tokens in their Alpha Homora portfolio for ETH, then reinvest into the farming pool for a bonus equal to 3% of the total reward.

More here.

Token issuance

  • Team and advisors: 15%
  • Liquidity mining: 20%
  • Private sale: 13%
  • Launchpad: 10%
  • Lauchpool: 5%
  • Ecosystem: 36.67%

Private Sale price: 0.0125
Private sale raised: 1.67MM USD 
Binance Launchpad Sale Price: 0.02 USD
Binance Launchpad amount: 2.00MM USD

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What is COMBO token used for?

COMBO token is

COMBO is the governance token of Furucombo.

COMBO token is used for

  • Share fees collected on Furucombo
  • Governance
  • Premium features on Furucombo

How could value accrue to the COMBO token?

Governance tokens can provide cashflow to token holders through protocol fees.


  • Currently no fees.
  • Furucombo will charge fees for performing Combos on the app.


  • Tokens rewarded to Furucombo contracts, such as BAL, UNI, SNX, etc;
  • fee rebates received from protocols, such as the partnership with Aave, Synthetix’s volume program, etc.

What is Furucombo?

A drag-and-drop interface for performing several DeFi actions in one click (called combos).

How Furucombo works

Furucombo is similar to a DeFi aggregator (like Yearn or Harvest). The difference being that anyone can create complex strategies for yield generation without coding.

  • Drag-and-drop cubes on the combo page to create a multi-layered transaction.
  • On the explore page users can use pre-built transactions as starting points.

Some of the actions users can choose from

  • Flashloan
  • Swaps
  • Loan
  • Deposits
  • CDPs
  • Borrow

Furucombo can interact with Aave, Uniswap, MakerDAO, Compound and more.

Read more in this step-by-step guide.


  • Let users pool capital in a user’s combo. A particularly good strategy could receive a grant from Furucombo.
  • Scale to crosschain combos.

More here.

COMBO Isssuance

Max supply: 100 000 000

  • 26% – Core Team & Future Hire (vested)
  • 2.5% – Advisors (vested)
  • 19,5% – Investors & Shareholders (vested)
  • 52% for Community Growth

4% of the community portion is allocated to a Balancer smart pool public token sale.

More on this here.


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