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What is the OPUL token used for?

What is OPUL token?

OPUL is the payment token of Opulous Music Platform.

What is OPUL token used for?

  • Transaction fees

What is Opulous?

Opulous is the first blockchain platform for copyright-backed NFTs of music. It features minting, selling, royalties and even loans backed by future royalties.

How does Opulous work?

The NFTs of Opulous will be minted on Ethereum for liquidity and users. Opulous will collect and distribute royalties earned through Spotify and Apple Music to holders of the NFTs.

Musicians mint and sell NFTs of their songs on the NFT exchange.

  • The owner of the NFT and the musician earns royalties from song.


The DeFi smart contracts of Opulous are being built on Algorand blockchain.

  • Fans and investors can stake crypto and NFTs.
  • Musicians can borrow against the future earning potential of these staked assets.


The platform features an NFT launchpad for upcoming musicians and for users to invest in them.


Opulous will release a decentralized exchange where users can trade NFTs.

OPUL tokenomics

Total supply: 500 000 000


  • 10% – Seed sale
  • 4.4% – Strategic sale
  • 9.6% – Private sale
  • 1.4% – Private sale 2
  • 3.6 % – Seed sho
  • 0.8 % – Seed sho 2
  • 12.5% – Team
  • 5% – Advisors
  • 17.5% – Liquidity
  • 17.5% – Ecosystem
  • 17.5% – Foundation reserve

Sale prices

  • Seed: $0.03
  • Strategic: $0.05
  • Private: $0.05
  • Private 2: $0.05
  • Seed Sho: $0.05
  • Seed Sho 2: $0.05


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What is the GHST token used for?

The GHST token

GHST is the governance and utility token of Aavegotchi ecosystem.

GHST token is used for

  • Purchase wearables
  • Purchase portals to summon Aavegotchis
  • Realm parcels
  • Staking for FRENS

How could value accrue to GHST token?


  • Staking for rewards


  • Burn – 33%
  • DAO – 10%

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a play-to-earn game and metaverse currently on Polygon. It is powered by the Aave DeFi protocol.

  • Users purchase portals to breed Aavegotchis.
  • Users purchase and create wearables for their Aavegotchis.

All transactions are paid with GHST.


Revenue from portals and wearables goes to:

  • 40% – Play to earn. Most XP, Rarest Aavegotchis, Scores.
  • 33% – Burn
  • 10% – DAO
  • 17% – Development

To summon an Aavegotchi from a portal users need to stake between 10 – 1000 DAI worth of aTokens (or maTokens on Polygon.

This provides a floor price and intrinsic value.


GHST can be staked to earn non-transferable FRENS tokens. These can only be earned by staking.

FRENS is used for

  • Raffles for wearables and realm parcels.


Tokenholders is able to vote on proposals in the DAO.

GHST Tokenomics

Total supply: 53,626,478


  • 500 000 tokens – Private sale
  • 500 000 tokens – Presale
  • 1 000 000 tokens – Ecosystem
  • 1 000 000 tokens – Team fund
  • All other tokens – bonding curve

GHST token sale price

  • Private sale: $0.05
  • Pre sale: $0.1
  • Bonding curve: $0.2


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What the ALICE token is used for?

The ALICE token

ALICE is the governance and utility token of the My Neighbor Alice game.

ALICE token is used for

  • Purchase in-game assets
  • Purchase LAND
  • Earn rewards from events
  • Staking to earn yield (ALICE tokens)
  • Governance

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My neighbor Alice is a multiplayer online blockchain game. Where any user can build and own virtual islands. It features an NFT marketplace where assets can be bought and sold.

The game will be featured on Steam as a free-to-play game.

The token is used to make any transaction within the game.

The token will be available on the Chromia blockchain as well as Ethereum. Chromia is a high speed proof-of stake blockchain made for games. There will be a bridge to move the token between both chains.


  • Users can rent NFTs (like LAND) to other players with the smart contract.
  • The token distribution will reward early stakers of the token.
  • When an NFT is bought a percentage is locked in an account associated with the NFT. The owner can sell the NFT back to the platform and redeem the locked collateral at anytime. This provides a floor price for the asset.


The decentralized governance of ALICE decide over revenues from asset sales, project development and token buy back-schemes.

ALICE Tokenomics

Total supply: 100 000 000


  • 21% – Token Sale
  • 15% – Team / Advisor
  • 15% – Community / Marketing
  • 8% – Play to earn
  • 20% – Reserve
  • 16% – Ecosystem
  • 5% – User Incentive


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What is the SAND token used for?

The SAND token

SAND is the utility token of The Sandbox Metaverse.

SAND token is used for

  • Buy LAND in the metaverse
  • Buy assets/items
  • Liquidity mining

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a platform for creating games and assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create their games and assets without writing code.

In the Sandbox Metaverse users can earn through:

  • Play to earn
  • Create assets and market them
  • Create experiences or games and monetize 

Together with ENJIN and others the Sandbox are introducing ERC-1155 tokens on the platform. These are used to have more flexibility than normal NFTs, for example creating a collection of a single NFT. 

The platform can offer metatransactions where a user can initiate a transaction of a SAND token and the gas is paid by the platform.


  • Buys of LAND
  • Premium NFTs
  • Subscriptions
  • Marketsplace transactions

Fees on the platform are distributed to the company and to the community as rewards.


The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of 166,464 LAND. Which are bought and owned by users to create games and host experiences for a community.

LAND is also used for governance within the Metaverse.


Assets on top of users’ LAND are created as NFTs. Assets can be bought and sold on the marketplace using SAND.


SAND Tokenomics

Total supply: 3 000 000 000


Token sale

Price: $0.008333

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What is MANA coin used for?

MANA coin

MANA is the native token of Decentraland virtual world.

MANA coin is used for

  • Buying land in Decentraland virtual world
  • Trading for goods and services within Decentraland
  • Governance

What is Decentraland?

The first virtual world owned by it’s users. Decentraland runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does it work?

Decentraland can be played in the browser on a desktop computer. Users can choose to setup a wallet (for example Metamask) to be able to buy or sell assets in the ecosystem.


Users create virtual experiences on their plots of LAND in Decentraland.

All parcels of LAND are represented by an NFT (ERC-721) on Ethereum.

  • Parcels are 16m x 16m.

MANA is spent or burnt when buying LAND. Smart contracts for the assets run on Ethereum.


MANA can be converted to WMANA to use in governance.

Holders of LAND vote on changes regarding LAND, content moderation among other things.

  • 2,000 / LAND token.
  • 4000 / Estate
  • 1 / WMANA


An estate is two adjacent parcels of LAND.


The audio, visuals and virtual content is served through decentralized community of servers. Anyone can submit an application for a server to join the network. It is then voted on by the Decentraland DAO.

Users can choose to monetize the content on their land in a way they choose. Any monetization is not connected to Decentraland in any way.

MANA tokenomics

Total supply: 2,194,217,027 MANA

Total supply LAND: 92,598 LAND

Presale: $0.024


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What is the NFTX token used for?

NFTX token is

NFTX is the governance token of the platform.

NFTX token is used for

  • Governance – voting on proposals and steering the direction of the platform.

How could value accrue to the token?


  • Protocol fees from minting, vault creating and redeeming (implemented in v2)

Currently 100% of fees are distributed to stakers for the vaults.

What is is a platform for creating liquid markets and easier price discovery for NFTs.

How the protocol works

Any user can create a vault for a type of NFTs, for example PUNKS.

Users can deposit a PUNK to the vault and receive a vToken in return. Creating an index of PUNK NFTs.

vTokens can be used

  • For composability in DeFi
  • Earn yield on NFTS
  • Protocol fees(future)

The vToken can redeem a random NFT from the vault.

The indexes help create a price floor for NFTs. LPs create pools on for example Sushiswap or Uniswap with vTokens / ETH.

  • A users has 5 punks.
  • Considers 2 of them to be worth less than the price on the DEX.
  • Mint vTokens on NFTx for the 2 punks.
  • Sells their vTokens on the DEX.

Fees to stakers

Users mint or buy tokens to stake and receive xTokens like xSUSHI.

  • 1% mint fee (targeted 5%)

Token Isssuance

Minted supply: 650 000 tokens


  • 10% Founder
  • 20% Farming rewards
  • 10% Liquidity for DEX
  • 60% Community


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What is SOCKS token used for?

SOCKS token is

An ERC-20 token for a tokenized product – Unisocks.

SOCKS token is used for

  • Redeem 1 pair of Unisocks (from the team at Uniswap) shipped anywhere in the world.

How could value accrue to the token?


  • The token is burned when redeemed for a pair of socks.


High meme-factor.
Good for flexing on social media.

What is Unisocks?

Unisocks is one of the first tokenized product. It was launched by Uniswap in 2019.

500 tokens were issued and sold on a bonding curve. Where price goes up as more people buy or vice versa as people sell. After 100 days the liquidity was removed.

Tokens can now be bought and sold on or on uniswap.

Read more in this tweet or here.

Token Isssuance

Current supply: 305

Starting: 500
Redeemed: 195

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What is ERN token used for?

What is ERN

ERN is the token connected to Ethernity chain.

ERN is used for

  • Yield-farming

What is Ethernity Chain?

Ethernity is an NFT project which auctions verified artwork from artists. Funds raised will be donated to charitable causes.

How Ethernity Chain works

  • An artist creates an artwork.
  • Artworks get authenticated via Ethernity icon.
  • Limited number of the artwork goes up for auction.
  • Winner of the auction mints the NFTs.
  • NFT owner is able to put the collectibles up for auction.
  • Portion of auction and future sales goes to charity.

See the workflow of Etherenity auctions here.

How ERN works

For now used for yield-farming.

  • Provide liquidity to ERN/ETH on uniswap
  • Go to staking page.
  • Stake LP-tokens.
  • Earn tokens.

    More on this here.

Token issuance

Total Supply: 30,000,000

Day 1 Circulating Supply: 4,340,000

  • Team and advisors: 20%
  • Partnerships 8%
  • Ecosystem 6%
  • Staking & Rewards 12%
  • Reserves 15%
  • Private 30.66%
  • IDO 3.33%
  • Liquidity 5%


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What is AUDIO token used for?

What is AUDIO

AUDIO is the utility and governance token of Audius.

AUDIO token is used for

  • Staking to secure the network
  • Unlock features
  • Governance

How could value accrue to AUDIO token?

Potential of future protocol fees.


  • Unlock features

Remove supply

  • Staking for features
  • Staking for nodes operators

What is Audius?

Audius is a protocol to generate immutable and timestamped records for creative works. Audius is secured by a decentralized network of node operators.

How AUDIO works

Artists, fans, and node operators together provide music streaming for users without centralized infrastructure.

  • AUDIO token, Arist tokens and stablecoins
  • Content operators – host the streamed content
  • Content ledger – source of truth for the platform.
  • Discovery nodes – User operated nodes that index and query the Audius content ledger
  • Governance – Change and manage parameters and functions of the platform

This is similiar to how GRT works. See the workflow here.

Node operators must stake Audius tokens for their discovery node or content node. Larger stake correlates to a higher probability of being chosen by fan clients.

Node operators receive

  • Direct upside in the form of AUDIO tokens
  • The possibility for future protocol fees for

The protocol requires user facing clients for:

  • Upload
  • Discoverability
  • Streaming
  • Social features is just the teams implementation of the open source protocol.

AUDIO issuance

Total supply: 1 017 293 279 Tokens

  • AUDIOdrop: 55M
  • Foundation Treasury: 178M
  • Team & Advisors: 406M
  • Investors: 360M

Audius has a 7% annual issuance rate.

120M $AUDIO will be in circulation at genesis.

Read more here. See issuance graphics here.


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What is TVK token used for?

What is TVK

TVK (Kolect) is the utility token of the Terra Virtua platform.

TVK token is used for

  • Farming
  • Rewards
  • Staking for benefits
  • Create NFTs

How could value accrue to TVK token?


Holders are awarded benefits on the marketplace.

Remove supply

  • Staking for airdrops, rewards and other platform features
  • Farm NFTs on the platform

What is Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is an interactive marketplace for NFTS and collectibles. Users are provided a toolset to deploy animated, 2D and 3D NFTS.

How TVK works

A loyalty scheme based on holding of TVK. Holding a certain number of TVK unlocks a number of benefits like:

  • Discounts
  • Early access
  • Access to unique collectibles

The more you use the platform the more TVK rewards you get.

More here.

TVK issuance

Total supply: 1 200 000 000



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