Ethereum Rebasing

What the AMPL coin is used for

What is Ampleforth

Ampleforth is an elastic supply (rebasing) currency on Ethereum. It increases and decreases supply to target the price of $1 during 2019.

AMPL coin is used as

  • A price-stable currency


  • Lending
  • Launch Elastic AMM
  • Cross-chain

How Ampleforth works

Ampleforth is a set of smart contracts for the AMPL coin.


Rebasing mechanism can be called by anyone. The effect can only happen once every 24 hours.

Supply increase

  • When the price goes above $1 a rebasing mechanism can be called to increase supply.
  • Supply and demand will then make AMPL drop in price.

Supply decrease

  • When price goes below $1 a rebasing mechanism can be called to decrease supply.
  • Supply and demand will then make AMPL increase in price.


At launch, tracking the price in relation to $1 will have a trusted whitelist of sources and the value will be the volume-weighted median between them.


If you have AMPL equal to 1% of the total supply you will always have 1% of the total supply, regardless of rebases.

More in whitepaper.

AMPL coin issuance

Starting supply: 50 000 000

Current supply


23.2% – Ecosystem 

18.5% – Seed Investors 

3.3% – Series A Investors

10.0% – IEO 

25.0% – Team & Advisors

20.0% – Treasury

More here.






  • USDT
  • USDC
  • DAI
  • Yam
  • Based

AMPL coin price

Ethereum Rebasing

YAM Finance (YAM) token explained

YAM token is

YAM is the governance token for Yam Finance, and an elastic supply currency. It’s the original “food coin” on Ethereum.

YAM token is used for

  • Governance of the protocol

Proposals are discussed in the forum and voted off-chain.

  • To submit a governance proposal you will initially need 1 % of total supply.
  • Minimum amount for a valid proposal is 4% of total supply.

Why would value accrue to YAM?

  • Treasury

Every positive rebase the protocol mints 5% YAM and sells for ETH, and then yUSD. This is then kept in the treasury that is governed by YAM holders.

Possible value creation

How does Yam.Finance work?

YAM Finance is a rebasing token similar to Ampleforth. It increases or decreases YAM supply to target a value of $1 USD per token.

YAM aims for a fair distribution with no premine, vesting or presale.

How does Rebasing work?

The price target for YAM is $1.

  • Rebasing (increase or decrease in supply to reach a price target) takes place every 12 hours.
  • 10% of the rebasing amount issued is used to purchase yCRV and added to treasury.
  • The treasury is governed by token holders.

Read more here.

Total Supply

Current supply – Variable

Yam is looking into removing rebase and adding a 3% annual inflation instead.

YAM Price