What is the FSN token used for?

How Fusion uses the FSN token. Fusion is a proof of stake blockchain for cross-chain transfers with distributed key management.

FSN token is

FSN is the native token of the Fusion Blockchain.

FSN token is used for

How could value accrue to the token?


  • Staking for rewards (1% – 16%)

Minimum 5000 FSN to stake with own node.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is a proof of stake blockchain for cross-chain transfer of assets. With features suitable for banks, corporates and customers (with non-custodial private key backup and more).

How Fusion works

Fusions DCRM technology enables true distributed private key management. Private keys are generated in shards and the full private key is not visible to any single party at any one time.

  • The asset owner signs a transaction with their private key shard
  • FUSION nodes add their shard signature.
  • Transactions is valid when shard signatures reach the signature threshold.

It’s a makes dynamic control of crypto assets possible.

DCRM Technology

The DCRM enables cross-chain transfer of assets (for example used in Anyswap). Custodian accounts are created on both blockchains – assets are supplied and swapped via the Fusion blockchain.

Fusion’s Cross-chain features is actually sitting on a side-network of DCRM nodes controlled by AnySwap, and not on Fusion.

More on Fusion here.

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 68 489 050.056 (Max supply: 81 920 000)


  • BEP-20
  • ERC-20
  • FRC20


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