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What is the GTC token used for?

How Gitcoin uses the GTC token. Gitcoin is platform to fund open source development using quadratic funding.

GTC token is

GTC is the governance token of Gitcoin.

GTC token is used for

How could value accrue to the token?

  • No specific fees, staking or locking yet.

What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is a platform to fund open source development using quadratic funding.

How Gitcoin works

Quadratic funding

Individuals fund projects and creators in quarterly round on Gitcoin. Larger pools of capital match contributions made by individual contributors.

  • Grant 1 gets $100 from 1 funder.
  • Grant 2 gets $100 from 10 funders.
  • Grant 1 gets $10 in matching, Grant 2 gets $190 in matching.

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Gitcoin DAO

GTC is launched to further decentralize Gitcoin with a DAO. Tokens are retroactively airdropped to contributors, kept in the DAO for future contributors and given to current stakeholders.


  • Decentralize grants
  • Manage disputes
  • Govern the treasury.

Read more in forum post.

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 100 000 000

Token issuance

  • 15% – Retroactive Airdrop
  • 50% – Gitcoin DAO
  • 35% – Existing Stakeholders


GTC token price

Crypto Taxes

Yeetfi uses Koinly (affiliate) for taxes on crypto. We tried several services and Koinly was the only one that actually worked.