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DAO Ethereum

What is the HAUS token used for?

The protocol allows anyone to launch a DAO with different parameters. The HAUS token governs the protocol at the toplevel.

What is HAUS

HAUS is the governance token of DAOhaus.

HAUS token is used for

  • Governance of the UberHAUS DAO.
  • Provide liquidity for ETH/HAUS – Earn ability to vote on snapshot and HAUS rewards
  • Stake HAUS – Earn ability to vote on snapshot and HAUS rewards

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How could value accrue to HAUS token


  • If the protocol gains adoption from many DAOs.
  • Fees.

Locking tokens

  • Staking to earn voting power
  • Staking for rewards

What is DAOHaus

The protocol allows anyone to launch a DAO with different parameters on Ethereum or xDai.

How it works

Launch a DAO or join DAOs on the site.

Some types of DAOs

  • Grants & Investments
  • Guilds & Services – Organize a community
  • Ventures
  • Social

How a DAO works

  • Treasury – The DAO’s funds owned by the community
  • Voting & Proposals – Distributing funds, shares and interacting with other applications and communities.
  • Membership – Member join and leave seemlessly via ownership of shares in the DAO

Token issuance

Total Supply: 1,000,000
Circulating Supply: 387,000 HAUS

  • Existing DAOs 10.3%
  • Core Contributors 1 – 12.5%
  • Warcamp contributor allocation – 6.7%
  • Community Contribution – 10 – 12.5%

HAUS token sale

Community Contribution – 10 – 12.5%

On the 15/3 a contribution period of 4 days open to eligible addresses.
Min goal: $888,888 xDAI
Maximum goal: $1.11m xDAI

Every address is able to contribute 5000 xDai

  • 1 100 000 / 5000 = 220
  • 5000/220 = 22,7
  • 1 HAUS = $22 – If every address provides 5000 xDai

HAUS will be distributed two weeks after the sale begins on the 29th of March.

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