What is the HCT token in Hurricaneswap used for?

How the HCT token is used. Hurricaneswap is a cross-chain DEX on the Avalanche blockchain.

HCT token is

HCT is the governance token of Hurricaneswap.

HCT token is used for

  • Governance
  • Vote on listings
  • 50% of trading fees to holders (in AVAX)

What is Hurricaneswap

Hurricaneswap is a cross-chain DEX on the Avalanche blockchain.

How Hurricaneswap works

Users can create liquidity pools on other chains and trade those tokens using Hurricaneswaps cross-chain LP liquidity protocol (Roke protocol).

These pools will open up to differences in price and arbitrage opportunities. In order to make sure that prices are stabilized fast HurricaneSwap features HurricaneAlliance.

More in whitepaper.


A node operator can stake an amount of HCT to join. The operator must make sure to stabilize price on a given chain within a given time or they will be slashed.

  • The node operator receive HCT reward and the arbitrage profit.

10% of all HCT are released linearly to HurricaneAlliance.


Tokenholders can participate in governance.

  • 1 token – 1 vote.


  • 0.2% trading fee.
  • 0.1% used to purchase AVAX and airdrop to HCT holders.
  • 0.1% Added to treasury for liquidity to new pairs.

Tokenomics HCT token

Total supply: 250 000 000

Token issuance:

  • 60% for liquidity mining
  • 4% for the Marketing
  • 10% for HurricaneAlliance
  • 10% for HurricaneSwap Team (6-month lock-up then 12-month linear release)
  • 11% for Round A (3-month lock-up then 12-month linear release)
  • 4% for Round B (1-month lock-up then 12-month linear release)
  • 1% for IDO

Round A price


Round B price


IDO price



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