How to use Metamask: a guide for beginners

How to use Metamask to send, buy and interact with Ethereum and other blockchains. A step-by-step walkthrough.

Let’s walk through how to use Metamask and some of the most common actions. Once It’s installed click the extension icon and you’ll see this view.

From here you can

  • View your balances of Ethereum and tokens.
  • Buy
  • Send
  • Swap
  • Copy your address
  • Switch network (blockchain)

How to add tokens

Sometimes your tokens don’t show up in your wallet. Then you need to add the token address.

  • Click Add Token.

Find the correct token address (for example on

  • Paste it under Token Contract Address
  • The other fields should auto-fill.
  • Click Next.

On Coingecko you can add tokens with one click.

How to send tokens

  • Click send.
  • Paste the address you want to send to (make sure to double-check).
  • Select amounts and asset.
  • Select transaction fee.

In order to use Ethereum you have to pay a fee. Fees vary depending on how complex the computation is (send being the simplest) and how many people want to use the network at that time.

If you’re impatient click Advanced.

  • Select fast
  • Advanced
  • Add a few GWEI and increase Gas Limit a little.
  • Save.
  • Send transaction

It usually goes through in a couple of seconds.

We always use fast when a lot of people are using the network. Waiting for a transaction sux.

How to cancel a transaction (or speed it up)

  • Click Activity
  • Click Cancel on your pending transaction.

If you select a low gas fee and want to speed it up:

  • Click Speed up.
  • Select fast
  • Increase GWEI and Gas limit if you want it to confirm right away.

How to buy Ethereum

In Metamask you can buy Ethereum with credit/debit card via Wyre.

  • Click buy.
  • Fill in information and card.

Don’t forget that all your information is now linked to this Ethereum address and you’re completely doxxed.
It’s the case with pretty much every service but just be aware of it.

How to Metamask: rename account

  • Press the three dots
  • Account details
  • Click the pen.
  • Write a new name for the account.

How to reset account

  • Click Settings
  • Click advanced.
  • Click Reset Account and you’re done.

How to logout

  • Click your account icon.
  • Click lock.

How to remove Metamask extension

  • Settings
  • More settings
  • Extensions
  • Move the slider to the left

How to uninstall Metamask

  • Backup your seed phrase(!)
  • Click remove

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