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What is the INST token used for?

How the INST token is used for the platform. Instadapp is an aggregator that makes it simple to interact with DeFi protocols through one interface.

INST token

INST is the governance token of Instadapp.

INST token is used for

How could value accrue to the token?


Many protocols have the potential to distribute fees to the tokenholders in some way.


  • Staking and delegating for governance

What is Instadapp?

Instadapp is an aggregator of DeFi for developers and users. The protocol connects and makes it simple to interact with the big DeFi protocol through one interface.

How the platform works?

You connect your wallet in the interface and can manage trades and lending positions in protocols like:

It’s currently upgrading to DSL (DeFi Smart Layer) smart contracts to offer more features, some not currently possible in DeFi.

  • L2 composability
  • Taking a flashloan in any token from another user’s account.
  • Protocol non-specific DeFi positions.
  • Give authority to other accounts
  • Automate DeFi strategies by giving limited authority to other accounts


The initial parameters:

  • 1% supply to submit a proposal.
  • 4% for quorum.
  • ~3 day voting
  • ~2 day timelock delay

Currently available on Ethereum and Polygon.

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 100 000 000 tokens


  • 55% – Community
  • 23.79% – Team
  • 12.07% – Investors
  • 7.85% – Future team members and ecosystem partnership
  • 1.27% – Advisors


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Yeetfi uses Koinly (affiliate) for taxes on crypto. We tried several services and Koinly was the only one that actually worked.