What is the MEDIA token used for?

What is MEDIA token?

MEDIA is the utility and governance token for Media Network.

What is the MEDIA token used for?

  • Governance
  • Data transfer fees
  • Buyback and burn
  • Staking to earn protocol rewards

What is Media Network?

Media Network is a decentralized protocol where users stream and publish content peer-2-peer.

How does Media Network work?

Media Network uses a system called MediaPeerPool. It can be used as a CDN but it is CDN agnostic.

All viewers and downloaders of a specific file share parts of it to each other via webRTC based on latency and location. This approach can reduce CDN bandwith costs by up to 99%.

Media Consensus is a type of proof of stake. Malicious nodes can get slashed their full stake. With 20% of their stake being sent to the node the elected it and 80% to the staking and rewards fund.

The Media Foundation is a creating a Media App to interact with the Solana blockchain.


The Media Network token is deflationary and has a fixed supply. The token exists on Solana and Ethereum.

  • It powers the ecosystem as bandwith credits.
  • To earn rewards you need staked LP MEDIA tokens.


  • Anyone with $10 000 of MEDIA can create a proposal.
  • Quorum: Majority and atleast 1M MEDIA

MEDIA Tokenomics

Total supply: 10 000 000


  • 22,5% – Ecosystem
  • 20% – Staking and rewards
  • 20% – Team
  • 15% – Tech and Infrastructure
  • 10% – Pre-seed
  • 6% – Advisors
  • 5% – Liquidity
  • 0.5% – IDO


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