What is MELD token used for?

How the MELD token is used. Meld is a banking protocol on Cardano. It features lending and borrowing for crypto and even fiat currencies.

What is MELD token?

MELD is the governance and utility token of Meld protocol.

What is MELD token used for?

  • Governance
  • Fees
  • Security for the protocol
  • Incentives

What is Meld?

Meld is a non-custodial banking protocol on Cardano. It features lending and borrowing for crypto and even fiat currencies.

How does Meld work?

  • Users can take out a loan with crypto collateral up to 50% LTV.
  • Will feature loans of cash sent to your bank account.
  • Users can deposit and earn yield from the Meld liquidity pools.

The platform will feature a mobile app in 2022.

Protocol Fees

0.2% – Any transaction of wrapped assets.
3% – margin on loan interest rates.
0.2% – Swaps. Where 0.15% to LPs, 0.05% protocol.


20% of all fees will be used to buyback and LP Meld.


20% of total supply (800M) will be used for rewards to incentivize users.

0.1% will be distributed everyday for:

  • Meld LPs
  • Platform LPs
  • Governance participants
  • Loans

Token holders

25% discount on transactions for holding a certain amount of MELD (subject to change through governance).

FISO (Fair initial stake pool offering)

As a funding mechanism ADA holders can delegate their tokens to new projects’ stake pools.

They are rewarded with the projects’ tokens instead of ADA or sometimes both.


In the early days the team is in control of the project.

Once governance is activated:

  • Tokenholders can delegate voting power.
  • Any address with 0.01% of MELD supply delegated can create a proposal.
  • Quorum 50% of total voting power.


Will feature several different stake pools with 100% MELD rewards and 50/50 MELD and ADA.

  • 32 EPOCHS – 29 JUN – 6 DEC.
  • 0.065 MELD / ADA staked.
  • 32 * 0.065 = 2.08

If staked for 32 Epochs a user receives 2.08 MELD per ADA on Dec 8.

MELD tokenomics

Total supply: 4 000 000 000

Token distribution:

  • 30% – Private sale
  • 17,5% – Team
  • 20% – ISPO
  • 20% – Liquidity Rewards
  • 5% – Foundation
  • 7,5% – Partnerships


Team, Advisors, Partners – 9 month lockup and then 4%/month.


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