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DeFi Ethereum

What the MLN token is used for?

How Enzyme Finance uses MLN token. Enzyme is protocol on Ethereum for decentralized on-chain asset management.

MLN token is

MLN is the utility token for Enzyme Finance (prev. Melon Protocol).

MLN token is used for

  • Pay for usage on the platform
  • Inflation
  • Burn

The use case for the token is being reworked.

How could value accrue to the MLN token?

Potential (with updated token usecase)

  • Holding for discounts

What is Enzyme Finance?

Enzyme is protocol on Ethereum for decentralized on-chain asset management.

How Enzyme Finance works

Any user can create a fund. And set parameters such as:

  • Denominating asset
  • Fees (management, performance, entrance)
  • Deposits (amounts/users)
  • Redemptions

Depending on settings all or some users can deposit to the fund.

Current token model

  • Rewards: 300 600 tokens/year for developers and maintainers.
  • Unused tokens: Burned
  • Fee: The tokens is also used for asset management gas, or a fee that users pay for use the platform.

Proposed token model

  • Fees for depositing and using.
  • Discounts in tiers by the amount of tokens a users hold.
  • Issuance slowly reaching 0.

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 1,824 000 tokens

Inflation: 300 600 / year

Initital Allocation

  • 750 000 For contributions
  • 500 000 Token sales
  • 150 000 Melonport company
  • 100 000 Founders’

Presale price estimated: 5 CHF / Token


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