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What is SAK3 token used for?

SAK3 token is

The ERC-20 token connected to the SAKΞ product.

SAK3 token is used for

  • Redeem one bottle of Sake.

How could SAK3 token be valued?

Some highly speculative ideas:


High meme-value of the token.


  • If the SAKE token has a high price redeeming a token for a bottle is a bit of a flex.

What is SAKΞ?

SAKE is a tokenized product and the first minimal initial sushi offering (MISO) on Sushiswap.

How SAKΞ works

The project has custom-made a bottle of SAKE. A high-quality SAKE made by Kitanishi Shuzo.

Ownership of SAKΞ is dictated by the SAK3 token.

  • Only 888 tokens will exist.
  • 1 token is redeemable for a bottle of SAKE sent anywhere in the world.
  • You can buy a fraction of a token.

Design and creation

Unique art from artist Jonathan Jay Lee.
Design by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

Token Isssuance

Total supply: 888


Only 200 tokens on Ethereum at first. Following up with other blockchains.

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