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What is SPI token used for?

What is SPI

SPI is the utility token for

SPI token is used for

  • Unlock discounts and benefits on the site.

How could value accrue to SPI token?

Remove supply

  • Staking for GSPI (Governance token)
  • Locking for plans

What is

Shopping allows users with an account to shop from Amazon, E-bay and Walmart and pay with up to 100 cryptocurrencies. Token holders are afforded different benefits and discounts when shopping.

How SPI works

There are 4 tiers of accounts on Free and the three others require the user to hold different amounts of the token. uses 2 tokens.

  • SPI is the utility token.
  • GSPI is the governance token.

SPI is used in to earn GSPI governance token.

  • Upon staking you will lose 10 % of your initial staking investment.
  • Your SPI is exchanged for SPIO which can be redeemed 1:1 when you exit staking.
  • Upon exiting you will lose 10 % of your initial exit investment (not your staking rewards).

    This fee is distributed to existing stakeholders.

GSPI is the future governance token of Holders will be able to create and vote on proposals for the community. It will also feature a host of other features.

SPI Finance

SPI finance is a staking platform without enter and exit fees. The platform is run by the team and the rewards will be determined by the team.

Read more about SPI finance.

SPI issuance

Total supply: 1 000 000

  • No presale, ICO, or team allocation.



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