What the SRM Token is used for?

How SRM token is used in Serum. Serum is a DEX on Solana. It powers other trading protocols and is a high-speed DEX with low fees.

SRM token

SRM is the utility token of Serum DEX.

SRM token is used for

  • Lowers fees on the DEX
  • Governance
  • Create MegaSerum

How could value accrue to the token?


  • Staking for liquidity and cross-chain operations to earn rewards


  • 80% of fees used to buy and burn tokens.

What is Serum?

Serum is a DEX protocol on Solana. It powers other trading protocols like Bonfida.


  • 1 000 000 tokens can be locked to create MSRM and redeemed back to SRM.

MRSM staked will earn nodes more rewards than 1M tokens.


  • Each node must have atleast 1 MSRM staked.
  • 2 % Base APY
  • Additional 0 – 13% based on performance

Nodes perform cross-chain settlements among other things.

Unstaking takes 1 week.

Governance will be used for certain parts of the protocol like fees.


Total Supply: 10 000 000 000

90% locked and released for 6 years after 1 years.


  • 4% – Seed Sale
  • 22% – Contributors
  • 20% – Team and advisors
  • 27% – Partners and collaborators
  • 27% – Ecosystem Incentive

Presale price: $0.08 ($80 000 / MSRM)


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