What is the XDO token used for in xDollar?

How the XDO token is used. xDollar is a stablecoin and lending protocol where users can borrow xUSD for AVAX/MATIC with 0 interest rate.

XDO token is

XDO is the governance and utility token of xDollar.

XDO token is used for

  • Staking for fee revenue
  • Governance (future)
  • Yield farm

How could value accrue to the token?


  • Earn XDO from emissions
  • Earn AVAX and xUSD from liquidations

What is xDollar?

xDollar is a stablecoin and lending protocol where users can borrow xUSD for AVAX with 0 interest rate. xDollar is a fork of Liquity and is deployed to Polygon and Avalanche blockchains.

Different from Liquity it will feature a xDollar DAO in the future for tokenholders to govern the project

How xDollar works

Loans (troves) are limited to AVAX for xUSD for stability and security.

The project doesn’t have it’s own frontend so third parties can easily create a frontend with the SDK kit and set a % of fees they earn.

  • Only features decentralized frontends.
  • Only deposit and withdrawal fee.
  • No interest on loans
  • Minimum 110% collateralization ratio


Tokenomics XDO token

Total supply: 100 000 0000

Supply AVAX: 12 000 000

Supply Polygon: 64 000 000

XDO AVAX contract address

Token issuance:

  • 1% Initial startup
  • 6% – Foundation
  • 8% – Treasury
  • 8% – Incubator
  • 15% – Team
  • 15% – Ecosystem
  • 47% – Community

AVAX distribution 12M

  • 6 000 000 – xUSD pool rewards
  • 5 000 000 – xUSD LP rewards and other
  • 850 000 – Partnerships
  • 150 000 – Bootstrap on AVAX


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