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YFI token ( explained

How the YFI token works. is an aggregator of DeFi lending platforms on Ethereum. It helps the user automate parts of DeFi.

What is

A simple interface for automating DeFi transactions.

Yearn aggregates and connects to different lending platforms and finds the best yields and rates for the user.

Yearn services can

  • Rebalance for highest yield
  • Bundle transactions and lower fees
  • Farm and sell tokens on DEX

YFI token is used for

How YFI Token works

YFI is the governance token for When launched it could only be earned through using the platform.

At you can stake and vote on proposals.

Configurable Voting rules

  • Minimum quorum required (>33%) to propose a change.
  • Veto rights (>25%).
  • agreement thresholds (>50%) required to pass a vote and update a change.

How works

You go to the interface, deposit stable coins and earn interest.

When you deposit your token is wrapped and returned as a yToken until you withdraw.

Yearn services


Earn interest.


Get into a complicated DeFi position in 1 transaction.


Compare rates.


  • Provided liquidity.
  • Use liquidity as collateral
  • Manage collateral.
  • Borrow stablecoins
  • Farm.
  • Sell gains.

Lending platforms yearn uses

Components managed by YFI governance

  • Governance
  • Fees
  • Incentives
  • Pools
  • Protocol



Token issuance

Max supply: 30 000

Subject to change through governance.


YFI price

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